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It would greatly assist the school organisation and save you time and effort if you contact the correct person regarding your enquiry. The following shows you the correct person for a particular enquiry:

Student Progress in a Subject: Head Teacher

Student Conduct and General Progress: Year Adviser

Assistance with your son's behavioural or adjustment problems: Head Teacher Welfare or School Counsellor

A question regarding school organisation: Front Office to redirect to Head Teacher Admin or Deputy Principal

A question about Year 10-12 Curriculum pattern: Head Teacher Senior Studies or Careers Adviser

When you ring the school please tell the receptionist the nature of your enquiry and to whom you wish to speak.



Principal Mr M. Anderson
Deputy Principal Ms A. Harman
Deputy Principal Mr F. Abas
Careers Adviser Mrs K. Woodhams
School Psychologist Ms N. Klausen
Teacher Librarian Ms S. Zahra


Head Teachers:

Administration/Music & Sport Ms M. Johnson
Creative and Performing Arts Ms L. Venczel
English & Drama Dr R. Strauss (Relieving)
Human Society and its Environment Mr N. Pearse
Mathematics Mr H. Lam
Science Ms K. Barbeler
Senior Studies Mrs N. Raj (Relieving)
Technological & Applied Studies Mr P. Davis
Welfare Ms R. Thomas
Special Education Ms P. Marsh


Student Advisers:

Year 7

Mr M. Virata assisted by Ms R. Vargasoff

Year 8

Ms M. Gibson-Garside assisted by Ms S. Menzies

Year 9

Ms E. Free assisted by Ms A. Konstantopoulos

Year 10

Mrs R. Bhamra assisted by Ms A. Ellen

Year 11

Mr R. Barr assisted by Ms N. Raj

Year 12

Mr D. Cusick assisted by Ms F. Rahman



School Location & Hours:

Address Pennant Hills Road, Normanhurst, NSW, 2076
(Vehicular entry via Fraser Road)
Telephone (02) 9489 1077
Fax (02) 9489 5722
Office Hours 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM during School Terms
Class Hours 8.40 AM – 3:00 PM, 7:35 AM for some senior classes
Uniform Shop 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM, Mondays and Thursdays
Library Hours 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM