News  » A new website for Normanhurst Boys High School

Last updated 7:58 PM on 21 December 2017

Over the next fortnight we will be making some major changes to the school's website.

In April 2017, we obtained an easier-to-remember domain name,, as an alias for our public facing website. Towards the end of December/commencement of January, we will be "going live" with the new website, which will be subsequently located at

As we go live, the legacy site and URL at will continue to be used up to April 2018 in a parallel implementation whilst we continue to migrate content over, and continue to consolidate the sections of the legacy site on to our new site. A temporary Legacy Site button has also been added for convenience, and will be a fixture on this new site until April 2018.

New website screenshot


The new site will be accessible to those who require special assistive devices, such as the hard-of-hearing, and vision. It is also mobile friendly, which means it will render all of the content for the device screen size (and not omit content as the current site does).

Please feel free to "test drive" this new site, though be aware that there remains some work to be done — there may be dead links and incomplete pages. However, we trust as we continue to develop this site, it will be a very 21st Century site for all to use. 

Visit the NBHS New Website.